About this Blog and Author

Views of Leadership is intended to be a site where different views, thoughts, and stories on leadership can be shared.   Some of the posts will be funny and some serious.   The overall goal is to share insight into leadership for those already in the role and those who are considering moving into leadership.

I am a husband of 20+ years and the father of two boys who have grown into fantastic young men.   My career has been in IT for 30 years now with a little more than half of those in informal and formal leadership roles.    I have had the opportunity to lead multiple teams of highly skilled individuals.

Besides my family and faith, the next greatest excitement in my life that is seeing other people grow and succeed in spite of their own fears and challenges.    The reason for this is that I had to deal with those same fears and challenges in my own life.

Years into my career after getting the opportunity to taste leadership in informal roles, I began to find the joy in helping to mentor, guide, and grow others in their own plans for careers.     I love the opportunities that come up that allow me to talk with and learn more about those who I cross paths with.   I have met some fascinating people from many walks of life and with each interaction I have tried to walk away with some new and amazing knowledge.

Experiences are a key ingredient to our growth, and we should take each interaction as a new exciting experience and learn what we can.